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Also referred to as “Zoomers,” Generation Z is made up of people born between the late 1990s and early 2000s, according to Merriam-Webster.

“Gen Z” members are a little younger than Millennials with some key differences.

According to, members of Gen Z have shorter attention spans, are better at multitasking, more inclined to take entrepreneurial risks, and are better team players. So for this generation, selecting where to live and work remotely depends heavily on factors such as technology access, a stable job market, and favorable environments in terms of work-life balance.

So imagine this… “Imagine living in a city where you can see a beach view from your window, working from home,” commented Ron Wysocarski, a west coast of Florida real estate broker. “This is the reality of Cape Coral, Florida. This city is a living paradise in Florida and is very advanced,” he added.

Cape Coral is one of the top nine places for Gen Z to live and work in Florida, according to a new list published by Yahoo Finance.

1. Austin, Texas

As a Gen Zer, Texas might seem uninteresting to you. But the city has great food and live music, as well as an “Estimated job-growth rate of 47% over the next decade,” according to Wysocarski, with Wyse Home Team Realty based in Port Orange, Florida.

On average, a one-bedroom apartment in Austin will cost you $1,503 a month, according to

2. Denver, Colorado

denver colorado

Also moving forward like Austin, Denver has a lot to offer Gen Z and its close contemporaries. According to Wesley Willoughbly, a Benchmark Realty, LLC real estate agent specialist, “As a lot of people work virtually here, you can expect to have a lot of friends to ski, hike or move around with. Also, it is considered a reliable tech hub too, making it an even stronger choice as a place for remote working.”

According to, a one-bedroom in Denver will cost you $2,224 a month on average.

3. Seattle, Washington

seattle washington.jpeg

This city is not just home to rainy weather, the grunge music scene, and coffee culture. Seattle is one of the best places for Gen Zers to live and work remotely.

“Seattle is a premiere tech city situated in the Pacific Northwest, where more than 7% of the total employees work remotely,” Willoughby said.

On average, a one-bedroom apartment in Seattle will cost you $2,609 a month, according to

4. Phoenix, Arizona

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If you’re a Gen Zer who’s looking for a more relaxed city experience, Phoenix might be the place for you. It offers many luxury activities and can easily cater to wealthier individuals, but is still a great place for younger folks to live and work.

“So many development projects have been incorporated in the city that it has become one of the most advanced cities regarding technological issues,” said Mitchell David, Maryland and Delaware real estate agent for Beach Life Premier Team. “So, working remotely is very easy from here, compared to another busy city,” he added.

According to, the most affordable neighborhoods in Phoenix include Greenfield Acres and Medlock Place. On average, a one-bedroom apartment here will cost you $1,427 a month.

5. Cape Coral, Florida

cape coral 2.jpeg

Florida –the land of retired folks, the Everglades, and Miami. Why would any Gen Zers move here ? Well, one of the state’s cities actually offers an incredible beachside option for younger generations who are looking for a new place to live and work remotely.

“Imagine living in a city where you can see a beach view from your window, working from home,” Wysocarski said. “This is the reality of Cape Coral, Florida. This city is a living paradise in Florida and is very advanced,” he added.

On average, a one-bedroom apartment in Cape Coral will cost you $1,700 a month, according to

6. Cambridge, Massachusetts


Although it sits at one of the top places in this list in terms of living cost, Cambridge gives its residents an extraordinary environment to be in. With innovation and IQ points in the air, some of that movement is ought to motivate you.

“If you are an academic and want to live the best life working from home, Cambridge is one of the best places to do so,” David said. “This city holds the most prestigious and ancient universities in the world.”

The city is currently ranked #1 in the list of “Best Cities for Young Professionals in America” on

According to, the average cost of a one-bedroom in the city is $3,702 a month.

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota


This city is one of the best options for Gen Zers who love the outdoors. As one of the most famous cities for its parks and gardens, it offers newcomers all of the state’s best at a lower price than other cities in its vicinity.

Coming in as one of the cheapest options on this list, a one-bedroom in Minneapolis will cost you $1,255 on average, according to

8. Chattanooga, Tennessee

chattanooga tennessee

Known for its mountains, underground waterfall, and world-famous bridge, Chattanooga offers an exceptional outdoors opportunity with all the perks of a more urbanized city.

“This scenic city gives [views of] the Appalachian Mountains along the Tennessee River,” David said. He added that the housing cost is “35.1% lower than in the rest of the country,” which makes it “the city best for the Gen Zers who want to move into a home for the first time.”

On average, a one-bedroom in Chattanooga will cost you $1,287 a month, according to

9. St. Louis, Missouri

st louis.jpg

As the second-largest city in Missouri, St. Louis is known for many things, including its baseball, beer, and the Gateway Arch, one of the U.S.’ most famous landmarks. It provides its residents with an incredible social life, live music, and sights to see.

To save the best for last, this city has the lowest living cost on the entire list. A one-bedroom in St. Louis will cost you $1,204 a month on average, according to

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