Real estate brokerage company sees massive growth | Business


Platinum Living Realty, an independent luxury real estate brokerage with four offices across Arizona, has seen exponential growth and added 26 real estate agents to the firm in the first half of 2022.

“The impressive number of agents that have joined us this year is testament to the alternative brokerage model that we have built,” said Jay Macklin, co-owner of Platinum Living Realty. “As an independent brokerage, we are able to offer our agents a high-touch, high-support environment to help them achieve the greatest levels of success.”

Macklin said the business started out in 2010 as “a little mom and pop shop,” rebranded a few times and has now grown to employ more than 100 full-time real estate agents helping home buyers and sellers navigate Arizona’s shifting real estate market.

Platinum Living Realty takes a different approach than traditional real estate brokerages by providing agents with a customized package of more than 20 marketing tools to help effectively target and grow their businesses, consistent and individualized coaching to work through challenges and problems that arise, opportunities for generating new leads and clients, plus other tools and policies that focus on the agent’s success.

One of the main things that sets Platinum Living Realty apart from competitors is its collaborative work atmosphere and dedication to improving the agents, according to Macklin.

“We market with the agent as partners, helping them become better CEOs of their own little businesses,” he explained. “A lot of brokerages will treat the agents like a W2 employee, but we tend to treat them like a CEO of their own business. We help coach them, we train them on really specific things that a lot of brokerages don’t, and we help them become marketer solutions for looking to buy and sell real estate versus just becoming a real estate agent.”

Macklin credits this collaboration as a big reason for the company’s growth, too. He added the market has changed a lot over the past few years, which means the needs of the real estate agent have as well. Agents are looking for more than a place to lang their license; Macklin said they’re looking for a partnership.

The new Platinum Living Realty agents are professionals with varying backgrounds, experience levels and expertise across the Valley.

“We’ve done a really good job over the years really filtering people to our core values list,” Macklin said. “We do look at things like work ethics and professionalism, like a lot of companies do, but I also look for potential. If an agent comes to me and doesn’t need anything I offer and doesn’t take advantage of anything, there’s no value for me to have them in my company and there’s no value for them either. So I have to see potential, meaning I have to see that they’re coachable, willing to grow and willing to do the work.”

The new agents include: Jack Luciano, Raul Siqueiros, Peter Hall, Madison Raskin, Niko Siqueiros, Melissa Hererra, Rosemarie Siqueiros, Diana Martinez, Glen Mills, Kimberly Pulido, Christopher Pulido, Bridget Brennan, Marshawn Cummings, Lynise Trice, Craig Dahl, Donna Doglione, Vanessa Roark, Eric Fullam, Stephanie Gorden, Frankie Mae Rojas, Courtney Zimmerman, Darlene Palmer, Joleen Sposeto, Melody Peterson, Amy Lavine and Ian Lynch.

“Continuing to grow our business in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley is a priority for us,” said Raul Siqueiros of Jack and Raul Real Estate Group at Platinum Living Realty. “After meeting with Jay and learning about the collaborative culture, innovative marketing and terrific ‘no ego’ support, we were certain that Platinum Living Realty was exactly what our team needed to elevate our business even further.”

Macklin said he is excited about the growth and is confident these new agents will grow and succeed. In fact, he said agents just have to look at Platinum Living Realty’s numbers to see the benefits of working with the company.

“We typically will help agents grow at about a 23 to 24% rate year over year. Most companies help agents grow between 5 and 7%, which is actually equal with the market (growth). We have a track record if they engage with us, do what we’ve asked them to and do the work, they’ll grow. So, I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing coming in.”

Platinum Living Realty, headquartered in Scottsdale, currently specializes in real estate services for communities like DC Ranch, North Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Paradise Valley. Macklin expects growth to continue, and said he hopes to add another 35 agents by the end of the year. Further down the line, Platinum Living Realty will expand nationally. The company is working on creating a marketing and listing concierge system where it can take care of 100% of the marketing, legalwork and paperwork and handle it remotely while staying rooted in Scottsdale.