Infinity Phoenix to organise ‘The Icon Show’ exhibition in Dammam in November


Infinity Phoenix will organise the first edition of “The Icon Show” exhibition in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, from 9 to 12 November 2022. The company targets achieving EGP 500m in sales during the exhibition.

CEO of Infinity Phoenix Mohamed El Saidi said that the main goal of organising foreign exhibitions is exporting real estate in its integrated sense, and showcasing urban expansion across the country, besides, strong infrastructure and road network, which are main axes for real development in new communities.

Egypt has developed 14 new fourth-generation cities, and targets to build 30 new cities with total investments of EGP 690bn.

“Consequently, we must roam these developments in exhibitions organized in a manner befitting the name and reputation of Egypt, and befitting Egyptian developers, starting with the highest category of luxury and distinguished housing and the most luxurious coastal cities, to reach middle classes of Egyptian expatriates who need to own a suitable property,” El Saidi added.

He pointed out that the current period is a golden opportunity for real estate export due to several factors, including low prices compared to property prices in surrounding countries, and investing in real estate in Egypt is a safe investment throughout history and has never and will never lose.

El Saidi pointed out that the company has selected Sheraton Hotel to hold the exhibition, which is characterized by its strategic location in the middle of the city. The hall accommodates 17 pavilions with various sizes, starting from 18 to 60 sqm according to the company’s choice. The hotel has a huge garage that can lodge visitors’ cars.

He revealed that the company aims to organize three new exhibitions in the Gulf countries in 2023 that will be announced at the appropriate time. He added: “We are studying places that have high purchasing power and lack such Egyptian real estate exhibitions.”