Ex-NFL player now scores for real estate clients | Neighbors


Growing up as the son of New York Jets wide receiver Al Toon taught Nick Toon several life lessons. 

From having the ability to play several sports before settling on football to learning how to be advantageous with real estate, Nick heavily revered his father. 

Because of this, Nick knew there were two things he wanted to do with his life; play professional football and sell real estate. 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin and being drafted 122nd overall by the New Orleans Saints, Nick Toon embarked on a three-year stint in the NFL where he caught four touchdowns and received 287 yards through his 17 games of action. 

However, it was after having a career year in 2014 where he scored all of his NFL touchdowns that Toon and teammate Lance Moore decided to take an offseason trip to Scottsdale with Moore’s future wife Kasey Trione and her college roommate, a girl named Annie who would later become Toon’s wife. 

Although he fell in love with Annie on his trip, Toon also fell head over heels for Scottsdale. 

“I love the weather and the vibe of Scottsdale,” Toon said. “I love to be outside and I love exercising. I’m a big cyclist, I love to hike and I love to run so, to have the ability to do those things all year is awesome.” 

After trading in his football jersey for a blazer and tie, Toon got to work alongside his wife Annie, launching the “Toon Team” – which is brokered by the luxury estate brokerage firm Retsy. They also used connections made through Nick’s playing days to score some sweet sales. 

“I’ve had several people that I’ve played with that have either referred my business or have contacted me with interest in and doing something out here. A lot of our business is referral based. So, we’ve been very fortunate from that standpoint,” Toon said. 

Toon also had the scorching housing market on his side. 

“We have a lot of people moving here from all different parts of the country. A lot of people have come from California, Chicago, Washington and other parts of the country as well,” he said. “We’re also seeing a lot of job opportunities down there where a lot of corporations and businesses moving here, creating jobs and building large campuses.

“We have the semiconductor plant up north going in, Intel has their massive campus here, I know Disney has purchased land here and Goldman Sachs has a campus here. We’re kind of becoming the new Silicon Valley with a lot of tech companies and a lot of manufacturing moving here.” 

However, the supply in Scottsdale is too low to meet the demand at the moment, which has caused Toon to remember the advice his father gave him about being patient especially during busy times like these. 

“The biggest thing I tell my clients is just to have patience. Everyone’s situation is a little bit different and if a client is in a position where they can afford to be a little bit patient and wait for the right opportunity, that’s the advice I’m giving my clients right now,” he said.

Toon also thinks that patience will have to remain a virtue for those hoping to purchase a home in Scottsdale in the future. 

“it’s, unfortunately, going to be something I think that is going to be sustained here for the foreseeable future,” he said. “It’s not something you can snap your finger and create hundreds of 1000s of inventories across the country. So, we’re in an interesting time right now for sure.” 

Despite the jam of low housing inventory, Toon plans to keep fighting for his clients to reach the endzone and settle in their new homes in Scottsdale. 

He also has an interest in expanding into commercial real estate somewhere down the line.

Info: thetoonteam.com