7 of the hottest neighborhoods in San Antonio


San Antonio’s housing market has historically remained a solid, reasonable investment, adding a few percentage points of growth each year. Since 2020, that slow-but-steady reputation has shifted, thanks to record-low interest rates and a pandemic-fueled change in how Americans live. In February 2022, the most recent numbers available from the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR), the average price of a single-family home hit $361,889, a 16 percent increase year over year. At $314,000 San Antonio’s median home price saw an even bigger leap, jumping 20 percent over 2021. 

While still on an upward trajectory, San Antonio remains among the most affordable of Texas’ biggest cities, and experts say they expect the rollicking incline to begin to stabilize. For those looking to buy a house in the Alamo City, local experts agree that it’s still a great investment with a variety of price points available across the city. 

“We are a steady, stable, safe market for investors. We don’t see the highs that Austin and Phoenix see, but we also don’t see the lows,” says Alexis Weigand, an associate broker and CEO and founder of the Alexis Weigand Real Estate Group and an international business coach with Keller Williams. “If you’re looking for a long-term return, no different than the stock market, it’s the long play.”

With interest rates still low — though predicted to rise throughout the year — and San Antonio on the top of nearly every real estate authority’s list of hottest markets for 2022, it’s likely many more home buyers will make the long play and bet on the Alamo City. 

As more people discover San Antonio, Keri Neff, a realtor with Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, REALTORS, hopes they also make an investment in their community as well as their property. 

“This is a diverse and vibrant city worth investing in. Investing is not only financial. Investing in your community in San Antonio is a culture here that I hope never changes,” Neff says. “With home prices rising along with interests rates, I fear that many long time and ​lifelong residents are not able to find a pathway to investing back into their communities.”

Now that the spring selling season in full bloom, we tapped three local realtors for their insight on some of the city’s hottest neighborhoods for 2022, from affordable finds with good schools to small-town communities with top amenities.

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